What are first, second and third party data?

What are all these data types and what do we do with them?

Xelsion short-listed for DoubleClick Bid Manager user awards

for best use of data…

9 points for a new site wishlist

Planning a new website? Save time and money by thinking ahead to marketing and media needs…

Facebook Audience Network now available to all

The Facebook Audience Network is now on general release as programmatic matures.

Twitter retargeting for all

Now you can set up remarketing campaigns on Twitter via the standard ad interface…

What is LiveRamp?

The Acxiom acquisition of LiveRamp hit the press this week and we take a look at what LiveRamp is and does…

A typical programmatic media buying engagement 3

This is the third in my series on how we approach promoting a new advertiser, product or service via programmatic media buying. In this post we look at the implementation phase…

A typical programmatic media buying engagement 2

The second in a series of posts looking at a typical programmatic or biddable media engagement. Here we cover the ‘Planning’ process.