Case study: Austrian Airlines

Founded in 1957, Austrian Airlines is the flag-carrier airline of Austria. It flies to over 130 destinations, with a focus on Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

To see or not to see…

Post-view is a metric enabling sales attribution where users have seen an ad and gone on to make a purchase, without clicking on the ad itself. These instances are known as post-impression or post-view conversions.

UK’s “hidden” £814m online economy

Advertisers spent over £800m in 2012 on Online Performance Marketing activities including affiliate marketing and lead generation. Generating £9bn in sales, equals £11 for every £1 spent. Driven by finance and retail advertisers.

Read the IAB teaser and get the full report here.

Open for business in Brazil

Today we went live with a campaign for Edestinos in Brazil which marks our first foray into LATAM.

Xelsion now works with advertisers in 8 countries buying media on their behalf in most territories around the world.

Appnexus anti-piracy initiative

Xelsion manages its media trading through Appnexus. The world leader in real-time bidding technology, this month the platform announced its anti-piracy initiative, affirming its commitment to actively monitor traffic and prevent its clients from running media on sites featuring pirated intellectual property.

Appnexus CEO Brian O’Kelley commented: “It’s time for the advertising industry to take a strong stand and to stop putting money in the pockets of those facilitating piracy.”

You can read Brian O’Kelley’s comments in full, and more about the Appnexus initiative, here.