Facebook and the gaming industry, a recap of LevelUp.

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” Still, Xelsion was invited at the Facebook HQ in Dublin for a event around the gaming industry and see what’s coming up.

Implications of quality in programmatic media

How does optimal digital ad frequency change as inventory quality improves?

Ten things you need to know about the Facebook ad auction

Understand more about what is happening every time an ad is served on Facebook

What is the Facebook MOI score?

A summary of the MOI score and how it is affecting advertisers’ campaigns.

Facebook introduces ad relevance score

Facebook has introduced a new reporting tool, the relevance score, that could help advertisers to spot poorly performing ads.

Facebook Audience Network now available to all

The Facebook Audience Network is now on general release as programmatic matures.

Facebook announces cross-device reporting and frequency cap increase

Latest announcements from Facebook: an overview of their new reporting tool and frequency cap setting.

Twitter’s app install ads and multi-product ads in Facebook

Twitter releases its mobile app install product and Facebook announces new multi-product ads.

Facebook announces browser and app history targeting

Facebook announced last week that it will soon be offering advertisers a new source of data for targeting – a user’s browsing history across the web.