LinkedIn introduces programmatic buying

LinkedIn has launched programmatic media buying to all advertisers.

LinkedIn launches ad network

LinkedIn announced its first big step into ad tech this week with the launch of their Lead Accelerator service.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates move from self-serve to certified partner program

Marketers will now be able to manage and scale their Sponsored Update campaigns through 3rd party social ads dashboards

A guide to LinkedIn advertising basics

A breakdown of the ad formats and targeting options available on LinkedIn

New LinkedIn Showcase Pages to target specific audiences

LinkedIn has launched a new ‘Showcase Page’ feature for Company Pages

Multi-channel media working together

When assessing the performance of contrasting media channels it is important to remember how they link together and complement one another

An Introduction to LinkedIn’s new Sponsored Updates

Our LinkedIn sponsored updates have seen a CTR 25 times higher and a CPC 10% lower compared to standard right-hand sidebar LinkedIn ads.