Implications of quality in programmatic media

How does optimal digital ad frequency change as inventory quality improves?

Attribution and uplift

Rule based attribution models are based on often unwarranted assumptions. We evaluate the models and look for an alternative.

Xelsion consults to private equity

Digital marketing and media is no longer just about buying and selling ads…

Is retargeting truly incremental?

We’ve devised a more cost-effective means of conducting incrementality experiments…

9 points for a new site wishlist

Planning a new website? Save time and money by thinking ahead to marketing and media needs…

Path to Conversion (P2C) reporting

Xelsion can now offer up to 200 interactions in our P2C reporting.

Engagement and performance in digital advertising

We highlight the key points from the Boston Consulting Group report on programmatic advertising

Display reach and frequency

Thoughts on digital display ad campaign reach and frequency prompted by Andrew Shebbeare’s recent piece on AdExchanger…

What is LiveRamp?

The Acxiom acquisition of LiveRamp hit the press this week and we take a look at what LiveRamp is and does…