Facebook and the gaming industry, a recap of LevelUp.

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” Still, Xelsion was invited at the Facebook HQ in Dublin for a event around the gaming industry and see what’s coming up.

CPI is dead, long live engagement

On July 9th we attended the third annual App Promotion Summit in London.

9 points for a new site wishlist

Planning a new website? Save time and money by thinking ahead to marketing and media needs…

Twitter’s app install ads and multi-product ads in Facebook

Twitter releases its mobile app install product and Facebook announces new multi-product ads.

The mobile opportunity for businesses and advertisers

An annual trends report shows mobile data usage growing, as internet user growth slows

Facebook launches its own mobile ad network

Facebook’s Audience Network allows advertisers to run Facebook ads in mobile apps

The benefits of building HTML5 creatives

Why every display ad should be built in HTML5 for the best cross-device performance

AppNexus mobile media buying comes out of beta

AppNexus has now released it’s new mobile buying capabilities to all its platform clients