Google DoubleClick going native

Will DoubleClick’s introduction of native ads lead to a universal consolidation in the design and production of ads while publishers then choose how to fit the ads with their content?

Twitter’s app install ads and multi-product ads in Facebook

Twitter releases its mobile app install product and Facebook announces new multi-product ads.

Twitter retargeting for all

Now you can set up remarketing campaigns on Twitter via the standard ad interface…

Promoted Pins rollout continues

Pinterest is continuing to roll out its native ad product, Promoted Pins.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates move from self-serve to certified partner program

Marketers will now be able to manage and scale their Sponsored Update campaigns through 3rd party social ads dashboards

A refreshed design for Facebook’s right-hand side ads

Facebook have announced a redesign for right-hand side ads

Pinterest to introduce “Promoted Pins”

Pinterest is introducing native ads…