Xelsion insights: display creative trends

Visualising display creative trends. An overview of Xelsion’s DBM performance data since February 2014.

A guide to YouTube advertising basics

YouTube recently updated their TrueView formats to include just TrueView in-stream and TrueView in-display.

Twitter’s app install ads and multi-product ads in Facebook

Twitter releases its mobile app install product and Facebook announces new multi-product ads.

Facebook announces browser and app history targeting

Facebook announced last week that it will soon be offering advertisers a new source of data for targeting – a user’s browsing history across the web.

Twitter retargeting for all

Now you can set up remarketing campaigns on Twitter via the standard ad interface…

Promoted Pins rollout continues

Pinterest is continuing to roll out its native ad product, Promoted Pins.

Display reach and frequency

Thoughts on digital display ad campaign reach and frequency prompted by Andrew Shebbeare’s recent piece on AdExchanger…

The mobile opportunity for businesses and advertisers

An annual trends report shows mobile data usage growing, as internet user growth slows

What is LiveRamp?

The Acxiom acquisition of LiveRamp hit the press this week and we take a look at what LiveRamp is and does…

A typical programmatic media buying engagement 3

This is the third in my series on how we approach promoting a new advertiser, product or service via programmatic media buying. In this post we look at the implementation phase…