LinkedIn Sponsored Updates move from self-serve to certified partner program

Marketers will now be able to manage and scale their Sponsored Update campaigns through 3rd party social ads dashboards

Facebook launches its own mobile ad network

Facebook’s Audience Network allows advertisers to run Facebook ads in mobile apps

Improving performance with dynamic creative

Dynamic creatives allow advertisers to put tailored content in front of users at the right time and in the right place

A refreshed design for Facebook’s right-hand side ads

Facebook have announced a redesign for right-hand side ads

Pinterest to introduce “Promoted Pins”

Pinterest is introducing native ads…

A typical programmatic media buying engagement 2

The second in a series of posts looking at a typical programmatic or biddable media engagement. Here we cover the ‘Planning’ process.

A guide to LinkedIn advertising basics

A breakdown of the ad formats and targeting options available on LinkedIn

Facebook announces Custom Audience remarketing

Analysing the key benefits from Facebook’s announcement to allow retargeting using Custom Audiences.

Google GRPs at a DoubleClick Bid Manager near you?

Is Google about to release GRP measurement tools in the DoubleClick Bid Manager interface and what does this mean for measuring campaign effectiveness?

The benefits of building HTML5 creatives

Why every display ad should be built in HTML5 for the best cross-device performance