Facebook and the gaming industry, a recap of LevelUp.

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” Still, Xelsion was invited at the Facebook HQ in Dublin for a event around the gaming industry and see what’s coming up.

Instagram for Business soon opening up to all advertisers

Instagram is introducing sponsored content globally to all advertisers in the next couple of months.

What is the Facebook MOI score?

A summary of the MOI score and how it is affecting advertisers’ campaigns.

Facebook introduces ad relevance score

Facebook has introduced a new reporting tool, the relevance score, that could help advertisers to spot poorly performing ads.

Twitter’s Tailored Audiences and the new “buy now” button

The latest announcements from Twitter.

Facebook announces browser and app history targeting

Facebook announced last week that it will soon be offering advertisers a new source of data for targeting – a user’s browsing history across the web.

Twitter retargeting for all

Now you can set up remarketing campaigns on Twitter via the standard ad interface…

Promoted Pins rollout continues

Pinterest is continuing to roll out its native ad product, Promoted Pins.

What is LiveRamp?

The Acxiom acquisition of LiveRamp hit the press this week and we take a look at what LiveRamp is and does…

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates move from self-serve to certified partner program

Marketers will now be able to manage and scale their Sponsored Update campaigns through 3rd party social ads dashboards