Google DoubleClick going native

Will DoubleClick’s introduction of native ads lead to a universal consolidation in the design and production of ads while publishers then choose how to fit the ads with their content?

Viewability targeting – is it really worth it?

Viewability targeting increases CPMs – so is it worth it?

Google’s ever increasing focus on mobile and HTML5

Google is making it even easier for advertisers to run HTML5 creative.

Instagram for Business soon opening up to all advertisers

Instagram is introducing sponsored content globally to all advertisers in the next couple of months.

CPI is dead, long live engagement

On July 9th we attended the third annual App Promotion Summit in London.

Ten things you need to know about the Facebook ad auction

Understand more about what is happening every time an ad is served on Facebook

DoubleClick Bid Manager adds TrueView

Google announces the extension of TrueView from AdWords to DoubleClick…

What is the Facebook MOI score?

A summary of the MOI score and how it is affecting advertisers’ campaigns.

Attribution and uplift

Rule based attribution models are based on often unwarranted assumptions. We evaluate the models and look for an alternative.

LinkedIn launches ad network

LinkedIn announced its first big step into ad tech this week with the launch of their Lead Accelerator service.