ChemistDirect_Logo1-300x205Chemist Direct is Europe’s leading online chemist. Xelsion helped promote Chemist Direct’s brand and products across display retargeting and Facebook in 2013 and 2014.

Dynamic creative

As part of the display retargeting work, Xelsion designed and developed a range of dynamic creatives showing the last product a user viewed. Dynamic creatives are key to engaging with users. If tailored and relevant content can be put in front of users as they are browsing the web, this is of benefit to the advertiser and the user. For the 300×250 dynamic creative we saw a CTR of 0.17% compared to 0.08% for a static creative. This is a good indicator performance has improved but CTR isn’t everything and the number of sales and amount of revenue generated are the most important metrics.

For more information on creative, we’ve written elsewhere about the benefits of building creatives in HTML5, building social banner ads and the key elements which impact creative performance.

Measuring retargeting’s uplift

We ran a couple of control experiments measuring the uplift in conversion rate and sales for retargeting. This showed the positive impact our activity was having on sales and allowed us to attribute, with confidence, a certain proportion of post-view sales to our activity. This percentage varies depending on how long ago the user visited the site with the greatest influence over users who visited 30 days or more ago.

For a more detailed explanation of our experiment methodologies and results, read measuring uplift using control experiments and is retargeting truly incremental?

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