Xelsion’s services fall into four core areas for advertisers, publishers and ecosystem partners:


To be successful in our increasingly automated digital world there are a number of elements required from strategy through to planning, execution, analysis, reporting and back into planning. Knowing what technologies to use, how to set them up, and how to resource them can save cost and increase understanding of performance.


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Programmatic and biddable media trading

We operate across a growing number of programmatic media channels with a tailored approach for each client. Definitions of programmatic media vary. Our definition is broad and includes real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic direct for display banners and video, programmatic TV, Facebook Exchange (FBX), Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Audience Network, LinkedIn, Twitter and Paid Search (SEM). We work with advertisers to help them market their products and services and we work with publishers to help them optimise their yield programmatically via ad exchanges.


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Creative design and development

The best creatives provide a more interactive approach to online advertising, as the creative can change based on a range of triggers. Data-driven creative combined with programmatic media allows for a richer more varied experience for the recipient which is closer to conversation than traditional advertising. We build our creatives in HTML5 because it is mobile-ready and non-graphical, while still offering rich design features, animation and interaction through the use of CSS and JavaScript. Our knowledge of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript mean that we can make these creatives in-house for our clients.


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Programmatic media buying and selling is often the starting point with our clients. In many cases this leads to additional analytics-focused work, such as attribution modelling and yield optimisation, with results which reach beyond the performance of the programmatic activity itself to inform strategic business decisions.


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