LinkedIn launches ad network

LinkedIn announced its first big step into ad tech this week with the launch of their Lead Accelerator service.

The history of Real-time bidding

A short summary of the history of Real-time bidding (RTB) and future trends in the industry

AppNexus mobile media buying comes out of beta

AppNexus has now released it’s new mobile buying capabilities to all its platform clients

Introducing the Glow Machine Facebook campaign management tool

We’re pleased to announce we’ve added The Glow Machine social advertising platform to our rosta of ad technologies.

AppNexus announces Facebook newsfeed ad access

AppNexus announced on 26th September that advertisers will now be able to buy newsfeed ads on the AppNexus platform through the Facebook Exchange (FBX)

Appnexus anti-piracy initiative

Xelsion manages its media trading through Appnexus. The world leader in real-time bidding technology, this month the platform announced its anti-piracy initiative, affirming its commitment to actively monitor traffic and prevent its clients from running media on sites featuring pirated intellectual property.

Appnexus CEO Brian O’Kelley commented: “It’s time for the advertising industry to take a strong stand and to stop putting money in the pockets of those facilitating piracy.”

You can read Brian O’Kelley’s comments in full, and more about the Appnexus initiative, here.

Xelsion Media signs with AppNexus

In accordance with our technology-driven approach to business, Xelsion is delighted to announce that we have signed with the AppNexus demand side platform, giving us access to a huge range of quality, global inventory and billions of ad impressions a day.

The real time bidding functionality of the AppNexus platform is core to our media business and the open APIs enable us to integrate it with our proprietary reporting and monitoring tools. This brings us in line with the forefront of digital advertising technology, allowing us to streamline our processes and increase efficiency and productivity.