Facebook announces Custom Audience remarketing

Analysing the key benefits from Facebook’s announcement to allow retargeting using Custom Audiences.

How important is Digital?

A recent study suggests that more time is spent on Smartphones, Computers and Tablets than watching Television. This US based study, by eMarketer, suggests that an average user spends 4 hours and 31 minutes a day watching television and a staggering 5 hours 16 minutes on other screens.

Are you getting value for media?

Do you understand the fee structure being used by your media supplier? Does it align your interests? We take a look at who is paying for lunch.

Introducing the Glow Machine Facebook campaign management tool

We’re pleased to announce we’ve added The Glow Machine social advertising platform to our rosta of ad technologies.

A guide to Facebook’s lookalike targeting

A crucial part of any Facebook advertising campaign is ensuring the ad is targeted to the right people

Top-level considerations for programmatic RTB

Bob Arnold, director of digital and social media at Kellogg Company published a useful piece yesterday on AdExchanger.com.

Analytics and measurement resources

Measuring and monitoring the performance of ads is vital for Xelsion.

Case study: Kupon Vilag

Kupon Vilag is a daily deals business based in Budapest, Hungary. Through their website they offer collective group buying opportunities in the shape of discounts for restaurants, spas, hotels, salons, and various other lifestyle and leisure businesses.

To see or not to see…

Post-view is a metric enabling sales attribution where users have seen an ad and gone on to make a purchase, without clicking on the ad itself. These instances are known as post-impression or post-view conversions.