Facebook announces Custom Audience remarketing

Analysing the key benefits from Facebook’s announcement to allow retargeting using Custom Audiences.

The history of Real-time bidding

A short summary of the history of Real-time bidding (RTB) and future trends in the industry

A guide to Facebook advertising basics

We breakdown advertising on Facebook and highlight best practices

Introducing the Glow Machine Facebook campaign management tool

We’re pleased to announce we’ve added The Glow Machine social advertising platform to our rosta of ad technologies.

AppNexus announces Facebook newsfeed ad access

AppNexus announced on 26th September that advertisers will now be able to buy newsfeed ads on the AppNexus platform through the Facebook Exchange (FBX)

Top-level considerations for programmatic RTB

Bob Arnold, director of digital and social media at Kellogg Company published a useful piece yesterday on AdExchanger.com.