A typical programmatic media buying engagement

The first in a series of posts looking at a typical programmatic or biddable media engagement. Here we start with ‘Orientation’.

The history of Real-time bidding

A short summary of the history of Real-time bidding (RTB) and future trends in the industry

Programmatic media – what is it?

We attempt to provide clarity on an often used but not always understood phrase.

Are you getting value for media?

Do you understand the fee structure being used by your media supplier? Does it align your interests? We take a look at who is paying for lunch.

A guide to Facebook’s lookalike targeting

A crucial part of any Facebook advertising campaign is ensuring the ad is targeted to the right people

Case study: Airlines

One of Xelsion’s particular strengths is travel. We work with a number of premium airline partners including Austrian Airlines, Czech Airlines, and Brazilian flag carrier TAM. For an overview of our work with these partners, please view our aggregated airlines case study.

Case study: Kupon Vilag

Kupon Vilag is a daily deals business based in Budapest, Hungary. Through their website they offer collective group buying opportunities in the shape of discounts for restaurants, spas, hotels, salons, and various other lifestyle and leisure businesses.

Case study: Austrian Airlines

Founded in 1957, Austrian Airlines is the flag-carrier airline of Austria. It flies to over 130 destinations, with a focus on Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

To see or not to see…

Post-view is a metric enabling sales attribution where users have seen an ad and gone on to make a purchase, without clicking on the ad itself. These instances are known as post-impression or post-view conversions.

UK’s “hidden” £814m online economy

Advertisers spent over £800m in 2012 on Online Performance Marketing activities including affiliate marketing and lead generation. Generating £9bn in sales, equals £11 for every £1 spent. Driven by finance and retail advertisers.

Read the IAB teaser and get the full report here.